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RPG Tutorials


An introduction to 3D RPG gaming


Discover the acknex.h library, and then see a simple project with thoroughly commented code.

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Coding a smooth player movement snippet


It's quite easy to code a poor player movement function. I'm showing you one of the best solutions in this tutorial, though.

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Using RPG items and props


It's time for a fire beam that causes damage! I'll also teach you how to code a few more RPG-related items - it's a promise!

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Building a fully functional inventory


Complex inventories need a lot of code. However, I have come up with a programming method that is simple and very effective, and I am sharing it with you here.

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Working with AI-based enemies


What's a game without enemies? Not too much, if you ask me. If you feel the same, it's time to meet our FSM-based (Finite State Machines) enemy.

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