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  • Welcome to RPG Gameplay!

    My name is Michael Parson. I am a professional game developer. I program games using the lightning-fast C++ programming language, but I also use various libraries and scripting languages that have the potential to boost game development speed.

  • Enjoy your stay here!

    Take the time to go through my tutorials and you may want to become a game developer yourself! My tuts are written with absolute beginners in mind, so you shouldn't run into trouble. Nevertheless, if you've got questions, you can contact me, and we'll sort things out.

RPG tutorials I've written so far:

- An introduction to 3D RPG gaming

- Coding a smooth player movement snippet

- Using RPG items and props

- Building a fully functional inventory

- Working with AI-based enemies

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Other projects I'm working on

alfaRange up, signal up, performance up indeed!

My old man kept complaining about poor wifi reception in his bedroom, so I have bought him one of these long range usb adapters from data-aliance. As a result, signal strength increased from 2 to 5 bars, so he's finally able to stream those Russian war movies he loves so much without experiencing a single hiccup.

mbmSata vs SATA SSDs

Most laptops feature mSATA ports, which offer regular SATA features but have mini-PCIe connectors. One day, after reading this guy's article, I thought that I should try to add an mSata SSD interface to my desktop. It works great, and you can get speeds of over 500 mb/s from an mSATA SSD that only draws 2W!

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Let me know if you like my tuts. And tell me if you'd like me to write new RPG tutorials in the future. I've got a full-time job in the gaming industry, so I'm quite busy, but I'll code something new if several people request it.

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